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Personal Data Processing Policy

Official notification

This official notification is published in addition to other notifications and declarations of responsibility on KODE website or included among the documents posted on the site. KODE retains the right to amend this document without notifying users of the site in advance.


Information published on KODE website is protected under copyright law. KODE grants users of the site the right to use published material for personal and non-commercial purposes. In all other cases, the reproduction (copying) of material from this site without express written permission from KODE is prohibited.

Licensing rights

Information published on the KODE website is not to be understood as granting licensing rights to intellectual property belonging to KODE or to third parties.


Trademarks, symbols, logos, etc. (hereinafter “trademarks”) posted on this site are the property of KODE and relevant third parties. Information published on this site does not grant licensing rights for the use of any trademarks without the prior written consent of the owner.


We manually save information received from the users. Such data can include your name, surname, email address, phone number, age, education info.
At the user’s request, such information can be deleted at any time. Data about users of the site (IP address, domain name, type of browser and operating system, date and time of visits, etc.) is collected and stored for statistical purposes. Such information is public; therefore, KODE cannot be held accountable for its disclosure.

This data can be used for marketing purposes, to provide services in the field of software development and consulting in this area, to register applications for the internships and studying courses, to distribute news and information about services, and for the personalization of the site based on users’ search and view histories.

The data we receive can be used in impersonalized form to better understand the needs of KODE’s business partners and improve the quality of our collaboration. We will send you emails and text messages only with your consent.

You can ask us to change or delete your personal data from particular or all distribution lists at any time.
If any difficulties arise in the course of changing or deleting your personal data, you can contact KODE by telephone at +7 (921) 618-77-84 (Kaliningrad) or by email at slurm@appkode.ru.
In this document, “KODE” refers to the legal entity OOO KODE. Legal address: ul. Kosmonavta Leonova, d. 8, liter X, Kaliningrad, Russia 236022


Links to other (external) sites are published on the site free of charge. Information from these sites does not constitute a continuation of or addition to the materials of KODE.


This site is maintained from KODE’s office in Kaliningrad, the Russian Federation. All matters pertaining to users’ access to the site and the use of information published on it are regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. All disputes concerning the use of the site are to be considered by the competent legal authority (namely, the Kaliningrad Arbitration Court).

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